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Montblanc Writers Edition 2012 Jonathan Swift

By Adrian Prisca


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Montblanc have been well known for crafting exquisite writing utensils for writers and renowned individuals. It’s through them that many works of art have been born and it seems like this tradition is never going to fade. Starting with year 1992, Montblanc have yearly revealed a project of their own, called the Writer’s Edition, honoring the writing human treasures along history.

This year’s Writer’s Edition has been crafted for the British-Irish writer Jonathan Swift – apart from the life spent in the enlightenment era, the renowned satire “Gulliver’s Travels” is one of his most important works.

The Writer’s Edition pen is a small depiction of the world in which the most important character created by Swift, Gulliver, used to live. It brings to life the atmosphere from the fabled satire, and most of all, its first episode – the Lilliput. In a more detailed approach, the pen’s barrel is crafted from black lacquer and adorned with multi layered inlays, similar to the ropes which were used to keep Gulliver tied to the ground by the inhabitants of Lilliput Island.

The cap of the utensil has been shaped like Gulliver’s tricorn, which was quite a popular three-cornered hat among the tradesmen of the 18th century, and was crafted from a fine black resin. Jonathan Swift’s signature can be admired on it. And let’s not forget the staircase the mayor of Lilliput had to climb in order to be able to talk to our hero – it was associated to the platinum-plated clip of the pen. The most important part of a pen is, of course, the nib.

The Writer’s Edition’s has been made of rhodium-plated 18-carat gold and has been decorated with an intricate engraving which shows the imperial army of Lilliput marching between the legs of the gigantic character.

This superb writing instrument is a strictly limited edition, but it can be found in Montblanc boutiques worldwide starting August 2012. Every utensil comes engraved with a serial number to prove its uniqueness. Furthermore, the Writers Edition is not only available as fountain pens, but also a mechanical pen, a ballpoint pen and a rollerball, all included into a package that can be bought only as a standalone set.


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