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Mobiado One-77 Mobile Device

By Brian Pho


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An ode to the fantastic Aston Martin One-77, the Mobiado One-77 Mobile Device mimics the supercar in every aspect automotive and gadgetry enthusiasts would expect – absolute exquisiteness, high-end opulence, exclusivity and elegance.

This artwork of a mobile phone sports gorgeously cut sapphire crystal as buttons, alongside large sapphire crystal plates. It is available in either 24-carat gold or rhodium and boasts a state of the art timepiece, powered by a Swiss automatic movement, located at the top of the phone.

These phones are limited edition, only 77 units will reportedly be manufactured. Thanks to that Swiss-powered watch it includes, the phone is able to display two time zones simultaneously, further powered by a 28-hour power reserve. The self-winding automatic mechanism related to the timepiece also includes a ball-bearing.

There’s a unique crown lever tied to the watch which can be easily adjusted. In fact, the exquisite timepiece at the top of the phone features a CNC-machined brass case plated with 24-carat gold or rhodium, based on the choice of the customer. Overall, the Mobiado One-77 Mobile Device encompasses 235 carats of sapphire crystal.

On the technical side, these fantastic phones aren’t locked for specific mobile telecommunication operators therefore they’re able to cope with virtually any GSM networks available, supporting quad-band GSM – 850/900/1800/1900 and triband WCDMA (Band I, II and VIII – 2100/1900/1900). This enables the customer to use it over five different continents. In addition, it features a 5 MP camera with flash, GPS, web browser, e-mail support, music player able to render AAC, AMR, MID, M4A, MP3, MP 4 and WMA files, as well as a very elegant 2.2-inch QVGA display.

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