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MINI unveils a brand new model, the MINI Roadster

By Adrian Prisca


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Finally, the “soft-top MINI Coupe” is now available, dubbed as the MINI Roadster, this awesome car is going to be the 6th model in MINI’s lineup. Let’s see what it can do. This car is cool. It’s the perfect word to describe it. Combining sportiness with a little bit of style, this is Mini’s first open-top 2-seater. The dimensions of the car are 3,734 (L) x 1,683 (l) x 1,390 (h) mm with a 2,467 mm wheelbase.

This version is 20 mm lower than the MINI Coupe and has a 240-litres bigger luggage compartment. Going on with the tradition, this MINI follows its inheritance, combining good performance with reliability and excellent controls.

The MINI Roadster will use a 6-speed manual gearbox and will come with four different engine versions:

  • The Cooper Roadster – 1.6-liter standard petrol engine, 122HP/6,000 RPM, 160Nm/4,250RPM;
  • The CooperS Roadster – 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol engine – 184HP/5,500RPM, 240Nm/1,600-5,000RPM;
  • The CooperSD Roadster – 2-liter turbodiesel engine– 143HP/4,000RPM, 305Nm/1,750-2,700RPM
  • The John Cooper Works Roadster – 1.6-liter petrol engine – 211HP/6,000RPM, 260Nm/1,850-5,600RPM.

The first three can come with automatic 6-speed gearboxes if requested, and the prices haven’t yet been established. What’s known is that it will be sold in the United States as well. A perfect car for the average youth out there,  it’s meant to turn heads on the streets while you enjoy the wonderful driving experience.


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