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Vacheron Constantin Kalla Haute Joaillerie Couture à Pampilles

By Adrian Prisca


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Consisting of 28.70 carats of gems, the Kalla Haute Joaillerie Couture à Pampilles watch set fully expresses the history of Vacheron Constantin House, the maker of the world’s first pocket watch for women, released in Switzerland, in the 1820s.

Based on the principles of secrecy and elegance, these baguette-shaped wrist watches stand out from the common market through their unique, inquisitive design. The way the dial is viewed makes it an exquisite choice for every representative of the pure sex out there – of course, the ones that can afford it.

The 19th-century style is stunningly noticeable in the design of the watch, the dial being effectively covered in beautifully positioned gems that seem to flow from the lady’s hand. If the gems are put aside, the dial gets revealed, a masterpiece covered in white gold, with a delicate yet sturdy shape.

The piece is clearly made for high-class women or damsels, with flame cuts that shine through 77 facets. The Caliber-1005 wrist watch has been worked on by some of the highest-rated jewel crafters in the world – typical for Vacheron Constantin.


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