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Mini Inflatables are the ultimate beach accessory

Access Agency is the company responsible for creating the Mini Inflatables, life-size inflatable Mini beach toys that are just as much fun for adults as they are for kids. These Mini convertibles are probably the ultimate beach accessory, perfect for the warm waters and sandy beaches where everyone will gather to see these amazing little toys.

These inflatables are incredibly flexible as promotional and entertainment tools and you could use them basically anywhere, not only at the beach over summer but in many other environments as well. You could be pulled by a speedboat or jet ski while sitting in your lovely Mini Inflatable for example.

These inflatables were also used simply as effective massive balloons on top of actual Minis in showrooms, outdoor picnic promotions, special events and festivals but we know you would all love to play with one of these Mini Inflatables rather than keeping ’em as a simple decor piece.



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