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Experience nature from these transparent bubbles

By Adrian Prisca


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French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas is responsible for creating these portable transparent domed huts, looking like transparent bubbles, that offer a quiet space to retreat to in the middle of the nature enjoying the beautiful surroundings. He wanted to create a temporary leisure accommodation that had the least impact on the surrounding environment while giving the impression of being amongst nature.

There’s a whole range of these lovely transparent bubble huts: the BubbleTree, CristalBubble, BubbleLounge and BubbleRoom, which are all suitable to spend a night in. These amazing shelters will offer an unusual experience under the stars while keeping all the comfort of a bedroom suite.

Their unique design and geometry also create a nice silencing effect with reduced noises from the outside while noises from the inside echo towards the bubble’s hub. The bubble uses a blower that constantly creates soft pressure against the walls maintaining its sphere shape and features an air renewal system.

The CristalBubble and the BubbleRoom can fit a king size bed and feature an entry lock which offers space for your personal belongings. All these huts are made of reinforced, anti-fire and ultra violet prospective plastic and have 4 meters in diameter and come with a wooden floor which is separable in 9 or 10 parts, a portable blower with filter, a protective cover and a transport bag.

Prices for these amazing bubbles start from 7,766 EUR or about $10,987 and could be ordered from the company’s official website, BubbleTree.


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