Mind Blowing villa in Phuket, Thailand currently up for sale

If you’re tired of the busy life and want to move to one of the most amazing places on the Asian continent, this superb villa in Phuket, Thailand, is currently up for sale. The 4-bedroom beachfront residence sports a gorgeous infinity pool that appears to be fading into the Andaman Sea, as well as outdoor decks that provide breathtaking panoramas.

The mansion is totally parallel to boredom, being made of a large variety of materials, like glass, wood, concrete and stone, although the incredible level of detail attracts the most of attention. In addition, the residence also appears to be communication with Mother Nature, allowing incredible amounts of light and air to penetrate its every room through floor to ceiling windows.

The interiors are extremely opulent, decked with high-tech appliances and state of the art furnishing. Even though the level of detail that describes this home is quite staggering, the senses of minimalism and modernism were not spared at all.

The residence comes at a price of $5.4 million, making it one expensive place to be. Apart from this, it’s quite an eye-catcher, its inhabitants being able to customize its appearance based on their ideas, adding some personal touch to this already opulent corner of paradise.