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Mind blowing Luxury Island House in South Korea

Situated in the beautiful Gapyunggun, Gyeounggi-do region in South Korea, this idyllic Island House was finished back in 2008 by a Seoul-based design studio named Iroje KHM Architects. This marvelous home doesn’t need a garden or courtyard at all, because Mother Nature has provided everything to match its superb style.

The need for recreation was seen as a high priority, the constructors having planned the exterior of the house very carefully. Needless to say, all of the rooms share breathtaking views, with picturesque landscapes completely surrounding this beautiful residence.

A sloped ceiling line was used to match the panoramas, continued outside by the stepped roof gardens and the bottom line of the inner court. Architecturally speaking, these are the features that set this home apart. The aspect of the local mountain range was also mirrored inside the home, with masses of metal and concrete twisted and shaped in such ways that they truly resemble enclosed nature.

The idea behind this exquisite project was to get as close to the natural designs as possible, with less focus on artificiality and more consideration towards perfection and absoluteness.



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