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Migaloo M5 is a Superyacht that Could Take You Underwater

By Victor Baker


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Migaloo M5

Migaloo might be Australia’s most famous humpback whale, but it’s also a company specialized in developing private submersible yachts that could easily show up in the next James Bond movies. The Migaloo M5 is the company’s latest project, an extraordinary 443-foot concept that’s basically an underwater superyacht.

If you’ve always dreamed about the ultimate deep-sea fantasy, this is definitely the right way to go.

Imagine dining, lounging or enjoying a few cocktails with your friends in a full-glass room, as you’re surrounded by hundreds of fish and deep blue waters. You could even go for a quick spin under-the-sea using the yacht’s two mini-subs, or enjoy the outdoor pool and jacuzzi, or the beach club, while the M5 is floating on the surface. But wait, that’s not all!

Migaloo M5

This James Bond-worthy superyacht has been also equipped with a helipad, a spacious garage for tenders and toys, and many luxurious amenities on board, like a cinema room, a small gym, spa, wine cellar, a charming library, a few bars with multiple windows facing the sea, and even a game room.

Fully customizable to the owner’s specific tastes, the M5 could feature a lavish 32,300-square-foot owner’s apartment, spreading on three decks, with a private exterior balcony, and several VIP guest staterooms. The yacht will be built to U.S. Navy submarine standards, packing multiple MTU generators and lithium batteries, and it’s able to accommodate two owners and 12 guests, while a crew of 19 will cater to all their needs.

The Migaloo M5 is perfectly capable of staying submerged for several weeks, so you’re in for an unforgettable vacation.

Migaloo M5

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