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Mesmerizing and Inspiring Home near Lindome in Sweden

By Adrian Prisca


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Located in a lovely area right outside Lindome in Sweden, giving away inspiration and privacy, the property features a large side building with four park spots and an array of private offices, stables, garage and, of course, the main residence. Gorgeous lawns, sculpted ornamental stones and a lush garden surround the villa, ensuring a fresh atmosphere throughout.

The total residential space reaches 450 square meters, thus putting at inhabitant’s disposal enough space to do their bidding. Furthermore, what’s striking on the inside is the beautiful combination of coziness with the elegance of a traditional style and modernism.

Upon entry, a large entrance hall makes one feel very small due to its mind-boggling sizes. Linked to a kitchen, living room and library, the hall features an exquisite fireplace that warms every visitor’s heart and soul, in an all-romantic atmosphere. The dining area shows privacy in a quite different way, surrounded by a glass pavilion, sharing breathtaking views of the unfolding garden.

This residence represents an excellent place to raise a family, sharing gorgeous designs, efficiency, coziness, elegance and a touch of privacy. The price for this beauty? 9 700 000 SEK or around 1.1 million EUR – details about the listing here.


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