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Porsche Panamera Turbo S from Edo Competition

By Adrian Prisca


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The German tuners from Edo Competition have created a monster out of one of the most elegant cars from Porsche, turning a stock Panamera into the fastest Porsche Panamera in the world. First of all, all that surplus power comes from all the intensive upgrades they’ve done – performance wise.

They have mainly upgraded the already turbocharged engine by adding high-flow catalytic converters and air filters, larger and way more powerful turbines, stainless steel sports exhaust system with butterfly valves and, of course, the all-necessary custom manifolds. All these brought the delivered potency to a peak of around 700 HP and 800 Nm, 150 HP and 130 Nm more than the stock Porsche Panamera Turbo S’engine.

The transformations had an expected effect on acceleration and maximum speed, the car being now boosted from naught to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds, to 124 mph in 11.4 seconds, all from a standstill. It is compulsory for us to compare these data with the stock car’s performance – a time decreased by 0.3 seconds, respectively 2.1 seconds. The same car now reaches a top speed of 340 km/h electronically limited (!!!). God knows the real numbers.

In terms of control and aspect-wise matters, the Edo Panamera has a 33 mm lowered suspension along with new 22-inch carbon-fiber aspect racing wheels. The interior features exquisite leather coating and an array of other state-of-the-art materials. Indeed, the guys from Edo have created an incredible car.

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