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Meridian Audio’s DSP3200 and Audio Core 200 System

By Adrian Prisca


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If you want the best, it’s not always compulsory to go for the largest. Sometimes, smaller is better and a great example is this new set of speakers from Meridian Audio – the Audio Core 200 stereo system tied to the brand new DSP3200 Digital Active Loudspeakers.

Exceptionally fit for every sort of rooms or surroundings, this Hi-Fi gadget is a stunning, unique way for audiophiles to do their bidding. It may receive signal from both analog and digital sources, but the thing is it can only output digital signals exclusively for Meridian active digital speakers.

They boast with a truncated pyramid shape, measuring 11 x 4 inches and decked in gloss white or black. The bottom of the front features a green OLED display showing the function of 5 middle buttons. The other 4 smart buttons are fixed. To the right of the display and the keys, a wide volume knob can be found, while the tiny power button sits on the left.

The device is extremely versatile as well – it can be connected to an entire load of audio sources, even including PC audio replay via an USB port. In addition, it is fully compatible with Meridian’s i80 iPod dock, allows one to play and control the iPod or iPhone via Meridian DSP active loudspeakers while charging and it provides a Meridian SpeakerLink input for single-wire connectivity to a Meridian Scooloos Digital Media System.

The speaker set boasts with a frequency response of 45 Hz to more than 20 kHz, reaching a maximum output of 105 dB at one meter away. Choose this incredible mini-audio system for a near-perfect ambiance.

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