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Mercedes-Benz Style and Silver Arrows Marine’s Granturismo Yacht

By Adrian Prisca


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We’re still waiting for this year’s edition Monaco Yacht Show, one of the most eagerly awaited water toys exhibitions in the world, which brings forth in excess of 500 players in luxury yachting. And one of the stars of the show will definitely be the revolutionary Granturismo, a creation signed Silver Arrows Marine alongside Mercedes-Benz Style.

The 14 meter long vessel (the equivalent of almost 46 feet) is destined to cruise seas and oceans. The boat was constructed and designed by the fabled Martin Francis and Tommaso Spadolini of Silver Arrows Marine, a brand coming from the United Kingdom, based on ideas related to the expertise and style of the renowned German automobiles car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

These two paramount names have carefully and closely tended to the exterior design of the vessel, have chose materials, combinations of tones, interior features and space distribution.

As far as we’ve heard, the model will be launched within a year from the presentation of its design, and will absolutely fit entertainment, relaxation, overnight accommodation and fun day out purposes.

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  1. It’s been billed as a tender boat too, which means it could be sat on the back of a large superyacht. Not a bad water toy for the yacht owners and guests to go on when they get bored, looks like it would be great! I don’t think you can get much more luxurious than this! Can’t wait to see it launched!

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