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McLaren Launched a Stylish Eyewear Collection

By Adrian Prisca


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McLaren often surprises us with bespoke versions of their mind blowing supercars, but today we get to see something totally different. The company’s latest release is actually a stylish collection of sunglasses and spectacles, the McLaren Vision Collection, designed together with the French optical specialists from the L’Amy Group.

The eyewear range will soon be available at independent eyewear specialists, with prices starting at £254 for a pair of basic ophthalmic frames and going all the way up to £1,578 for a pair of glasses from the Bespoke range, which uses face-scanning and 3D printed titanium frames to make sure you’ll get a perfect fit.

The Vision collection is actually split into three ranges: Core, Premium and Bespoke, with different styles in each range featuring an innovative design and nothing but the best materials.

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Every single pair of sunglasses from this collection is fitted with Leica Eyecare sun lenses, that have been treated with AquaDura Vision anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to ensure exceptional clarity.

There are five types of sunglasses in this collection, each of them customized for a specific environment. The Driving lenses come with precise tinting that’s specially designed to improve contrasts and show the road ahead better.

The Golfing lenses feature maximum contrast, the Outdoor lenses have a mirror finish and a lovely polarizing filter, the Urban lenses have a neutral tint that’s perfect for all lighting conditions, while the Yachting lenses boast a special mirror finish and polarization to reduce solar rays and reflections from the water. If you need sunglasses delivered same day check on overnight glasses.
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