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The Lotus Evija: A Bold Statement Towards the Future

By Vlad Craciun


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Dubbed the first all-electric British hypercar, the radical Lotus Evija reveals itself as an entirely different package than what most would expect. Lotus have always been known for their performance innovations, always they usually preferred going lightweight rather than chasing sheer power.

This time, their Evija was designed as a powerful electric hypercar from the ground up. It’s maybe a coincidence that it’s also their first new car developed since they were bought by Geely. The hypercar is going to enter production next year and while in development, it will use Project 130 in its nomenclature, following the Lotus tradition.

Among its features, the car will have a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, with a front splitter designed to cool the battery pack, Venturi tunnels through each side of rear part and red LEDs around them. Lotus says the car will weight around 1,680 kg.

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The Lotus Evija will also have active aerodynamics, with electronically controlled spoilers and rear view mirrors replaced by cameras displayed on three interior screens, thus reducing drag.

As for the powertrain goes, there’s a battery pack mounted in the middle, behind the seats, powering four e-motors, which Lotus brags that it’s the most lightweight and power-dense package ever installed on a road car.

They also promise a 400 km range for their Evija, 2,000 PS with 1,700 Nm of torque, and less than 3 seconds to 100 km/h, with a top speed of 320 km/h. Yes, those numbers are not typos, so you can imagine how powerful this hypercar is going to be.

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ESP and torque vectoring will come as standard and the powertrain will have five driving modes, Range, City, Tour, Sport and probably the most fun one, Track.

Osram laser light headlights and dipped beams, high-end infotainment system and a cabin inspired by the 50s and 60s prototype racers with carbon fiber shell seats, three point harnesses, and an LMP style steering wheel sound impressive as well.

The price will surely impress everyone as well, as it seems to revolve around $2.4 million. Right at the very top of the market.

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