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MB&F Destination Moon Will Take You Far Away

By Victor Baker


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MB&F Destination Moon

Science fiction and space exploration has always filled our minds with vivid dreams and wild fantasies that have kept us awake for many nights in a row. Some of them have actually come true over the years, and probably a few of you were even listening in as a man walked on the surface of the moon back in 1969.

This is that the MB&F Destination Moon is all about – wild dreams. The elegant ovoid-shaped rocket was built by the brilliant people at L’Epée 1839 looking like a fine example of engineering and craftsmanship; funny enough, it seems a bit inspired by some Looney Tunes cartoons, but there is nothing amusing about this unique timepiece and its complex movement, developed specifically for Destination Moon.

The power for MB&F’s Destination Moon comes from the oversized winding crown at its base, while the horizontal circular plates, which make up the movement of this beauty, have been perforated like Meccano components, adding to the 4 kg (9 lbs) overall weight and the eye-catching effect of this piece.

Destination Moon honors the past and its heroes, as Neil – a smile-inducing, space-suited figurine – stands comfortably in solid silver and stainless steel, magnetically attached to the ladder connecting the crown to the movement. This timekeeping marvel by MB&F and L’Epée 1839 will be available in black, green, blue PVD, as well as palladium, with only 50 units of each option on offer.

MB&F Destination Moon

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