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MB&F Celebrates The 10th Anniversary of the HM3 Frog with an “X” Version

MB&F HM3 FrogX 1

Is it that time already? The popular HM3 Frog watch is officially ten years old, which is why the team at MB&F has decided to celebrate its introduction to the world, with a special FrogX version. 

Looking impressive, as usual, this stunning watch shows off three new froglets housed in transparent sapphire crystal cases – undoubtedly, you have noticed the blue, purple or turquoise rotors, case gaskets, and lume.

The date display has left former Frogs behind, with a larger rotor and weight-saving rotating aluminum domes now in place. Illuminated with colorful Super-LumiNova accents, the time is right to get yourselves a new watch.

The transparent HM3 FrogX also reveals a special secret signature on the crown, but that’s for the lucky few owners to enjoy.

MB&F HM3 FrogX 2

Inspired by the 2009 HM3, the HM3 Frog timepiece took us by surprise, adding to a 3D case inspired by the Proteus submarine and the 22k gold battle-ax rotor.

The Frog hopped into focus one year after the HM3 and the first-generation of ‘Frogs’ appeared in gold, in zirconium, a metal used in nuclear reactors and spaceships, and even in a delicious brown titanium version.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht’s incredibly complex movement was highly appreciated by watchmakers, but it was Mother Nature that proved to be innovative.

MB&F HM3 FrogX 3

The Glass frogs seem to be real, three frogs with translucent bellies and chests living in tropical Central and South American rain forests – look it up, this is not a joke – that allow you to see their hearts, arteries, and internal organs. With that in mind, the HM3 FrogX tried to match nature’s creation and comes with a transparent sapphire crystal case, milled with diamond-tipped tools.

By using a specialized process, micro-forming, a metal surface is transformed through Rayform technology; the result is a light-encoded message or design that can be viewed on any uniform surface. Speaking of light and its spectrum, this makes me think of the previously mentioned color tones.

MB&F HM3 FrogX 4

The lovely blue, purple, or turquoise of the case gasket can also be noticed on the sharp titanium blade of the rotor, with the Super-LumiNova on the numerals and under the battle-ax matching said color themes. Sitting in the dark has never sounded any cooler.

As we’ve said earlier, there will be only 10 lucky people who will get to call the HM3 FrogX their own. Actually, 10 units of each color will be made, accompanied by a hand-stitched alligator strap with a folding buckle. Please note that each of these stunning watches will set you back CHF 138,000 (not incl. tax) or EUR 128,000 (not incl. tax). Are you going to get one?

MB&F HM3 FrogX 9


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