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From Boat To Submarine: The $9 Million Victa SubSea Craft is Perfect for Action Movies

Victa SubSea Craft 1

Do you remember that iconic boat chase scene from James Bond’s movie ‘The World is Not Enough’? There’s a lot to talk about that movie, but let’s just ignore it and try to enjoy a boat chase scene first hand. We are not talking about the breaking the law, just testing this unique creation, called VICTA.

This year has been a really tough for most of us, but it seems that research and innovation didn’t take a break. Some may think this vessel is a piece of Sci-Fi memorabilia, but this is the real deal – a real-life ‘James Bond boat‘.

The VICTA SubSea craft is perfectly capable of converting into a submersible upon the touch of a button and uses sonar technology to steer itself along the seafloor – just in case someone is looking for you.

Victa SubSea Craft 2

By early 2021, you may put this vessel to good – or evil – use. The VICTA is really impressive, to say the least, and a bit scary-looking.

Constructed by the Hampshire-based company SubSea Craft, this is the world’s most technically advanced surface-submersible.

It will take you on the trip of a lifetime, both on the water and below the waves.

Victa SubSea Craft 3

VICTA will reach an incredible speed of up to 40 knots and cover as many as 250 nautical miles, thanks to its powerful diesel engines – while lithium-ion batteries and electric power will take care of the submerged mode and navigation.

I’m not sure how it does it, but it seems that VICTA uses sonar technology to prevent it from colliding with anything underwater – or, to look for enemies in the dark.

Victa SubSea Craft 4

All these features and specs make VICTA an obvious design intended for the defense market, with Special Forces in mind – we’re sorry for teasing. The vessel’s fast transition between the two modes will allow a crew of 8 people to take anyone by surprise.

Even while underwater, this thing will allow the crew to exit through the doors, so feel free to come up with your very own action-movie script.

Victa SubSea Craft 5

The VICTA shows off a carbon fiber construction, completed by acrylic windows, hatches, hinges, and a life-support system.

For obvious reasons, this thing comes in all black, although its ridiculous price-tag will get most people looking all-white – $9 million. Any last thoughts?

Victa SubSea Craft 6


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