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Luxury for the Very Young: The Doll Bottle Diamond & Rose Gold

A few months ago, we’ve showcased the Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition, a splendid piece covered in 18-carat gold. It was the work of a Spanish company called Suommo, which specializes in luxury products for children. Now Suommo is releasing what seems to be the world’s most expensive baby bottle: the Doll Bottle Diamond & Rose Gold.

As the name suggests, this stunning piece is covered in pink gold and adorned with a multitude of tiny diamonds. Inspired by the famous MatryoshkaRussian dolls, the bottle is available in five sizes and can even be engraved with up to 20 characters, making it a truly unique item.

While this seems to be something the parents can appreciate and enjoy rather than the baby, it’s still an exquisite piece and can be seen as a sign of affluence if nothing else. The price for a Doll Bottle ranges from $136,000 to $276,000, depending on the size of the item.


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