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Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Pour Homme is a Welcomed Surprise

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Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Pour Homme

After impressing every single lady out there with the exclusive Les Parfums, Louis Vuitton has released its first fragrance collection for men. Created by the brand’s acclaimed Master Perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the new fragrance collection was inspired by the evolution of men’s fashion and it carries the promise of absolute intensity.

Called Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Pour Homme, this collection includes five blissful fragrances which celebrate the adventurer on a quest for self revelation, freedom, the masculine energy and a pioneering sensibility. You can choose between the cocoa-laden Nouveau Monde, the grassy Sur La Route, the woody Orage, the laser-sharp L’Immesité, and the sandalwood-based Au Hasard.

L’Immesité is a sharp-edged concentration of freshness that blends grapefruit with ginger, labdanum, amber, and an overdose of ambroxan to result in a seductive scent that will surely help you make an impression wherever you might go.

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Pour Homme

Nouveau Monde was inspired by the sweet Mayan chocolate in Guatemala, with raw cocoa bean and saffron touches, although a keen nose might also feel the influence of an extremely rare oud assam. On the other hand, Orage was designed to capture nature’s raw force in a bold woody fragrance, blending the elegance of iris with Javanese vetiver and patchouli.

Sur La Route is yet another teasing scent, that blends Calabrian citrus, cedar, lemon, bergamot and Peruvian balsam. Fresh and powerful, it seems this scent was finished off by a pinch of freshly cut grass. Last, but not least exciting, Au Hasard teases you with Indian sandalwood, milky wood, cardamom and ambrette seeds.

This should be more than enough to get you interested in Louis Vuitton’s Les Parfums Pour Homme. Priced at $240, each of these fragrances will be available online and in select Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.

Louis Vuitton Les Parfums Pour Homme

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