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Louis Vuitton Adds Something new to the Art of Gifting

By Victor Baker


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Louis Vuitton The Art of Gifting

Inspired by Gaston Louis Vuitton and his cabinet of wonders, the renowned French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has decided to enrich its collection of luxury gifts with a few new interesting additions. Crafted in the Louis Vuitton ateliers, these new releases focus on writing, decorating and gaming – all interesting activities, to be sure.

Penholders and beautiful notebooks, showing off exquisite leathers and the brand’s Monogram canvas, small mirrors and porcelain creations and also a skipping rope, a ping-pong set, and even a Monogram playing card pouch, could prove to be the perfect gifts at the end of the year.

With a leather strand and handles, complemented by Monogram Eclipse canvas, the Christopher jump rope is ready to get your heart racing, while its signature carrying pouch keeps it well rested for the next jump rope session.

Louis Vuitton The Art of Gifting

The ping-pong set includes two professionally designed ping-pong paddles, regulation balls in a custom holder, and an exclusive Monogram Eclipse canvas. The collection also includes a few decorations, reproducing the iconic Monogram Flowers of Maison Louis Vuitton, that will surely add a touch of luxury to your Christmas celebrations.

Playful and super chic, these decorations are a great way to upgrade your Christmas tree. The Art of Gifting collection will help anyone find the suitable gift for every occasion and will get those of you with expensive taste in the right mood for Christmas. Who needs Santa when Louis Vuitton has got you covered, right?

Louis Vuitton The Art of Gifting

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