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Lotus is set to launch the Lotus Originals Lifestyle Brand

The British sports car maker Lotus is set to launch a new lifestyle brand called Lotus Originals in the last days of February. The new Originals brand will offer everything from stylish leather jackets and blue blazers to bags and backgammon sets.

The items from the new brand were inspired by the company’s sports car heritage and will feature tire tread patterns, vintage Lotus logos, racing stripes, car silhouettes and even numbers relating to the dates of famous Lotus racing victories from the 60s and 70s will appear on certain items.

The company hopes to capture the true spirit of the iconic British brand with this lifestyle collection and they don’t target only car enthusiasts, but they hope these items will appeal to a larger audience.  The collection is luxurious in a classic, understated way and it is meant to make future customers feel like party of the very special Lotus brand.

The Lotus Originals lifestyle brand will be launched online on February 23 during the London Fashion Week and a flagship store will be opened later this year in London.

[Lotus via Luxist]


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