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Living on a Private Island in New York City can be a Dream Come True for $13 million

By Thom Esveld


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Living on a private island is an alluring ideal for many, but moving somewhere far away like the Caribbean, the Philippines or the Maldives may not be for everyone. Thankfully, those dreams can come true just a short boat ride away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Well, if you have $13 million to spare, that is.

This spectacular Douglas Elliman-repped property is called 1 Petre Island and it’s situated north of Manhattan, right in the middle of Lake Mahopac offering everything you’d ever need: privacy, luxury and comfort, surrounded by the serene beauty of the 593-acre lake. A quick helicopter ride from Manhattan or a 5-minute boat ride will get you back to the ‘real’ world, but we’re pretty sure you’ll want to get back to this extraordinary setting as soon as possible.

The 10-acre private island comes with two homes designed by none other than the acclaimed American architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, with lush green private forests that basically shield you away from the outside world, creating your very own paradise where most people would think such a thing is impossible.

The main house comes with four bedrooms and an expansive design, featuring a charming wood and stone interior, with a mixture of rustic and modern elements. As you can see from these photos, the main house looks like an architectural masterpiece, cantilevered over the water, making you feel like you’re inside your private super yacht rather than at your new home.

And if you thought that’s enough, think again. The property also comes with its own private beach, dock and helipad, a tea house, plus a guest home for all your friends and enough outdoor space made for entertaining. What could you want more? Well, a big bank account most probably.


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