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Limited edition TRON motorcycle suits

Limited edition TRON motorcycle suits

The new science fiction movie “TRON: Legacy” will be out in December and UD Replicas has just launched a range of limited edition TRON motorcycle suits. The Sam Flynn Tron and the Quorra Tron suits are incredibly detailed “Movie Replica” garments that have been brought to life as wearable motorcycle suits for both him and her.

These Tron suits feature CE-approved body armor, form molded leather detailing, reflective accents, silicone hexagon print and heavy duty stretch Spandex inserts. The Sam Flynn Tron motorcycle suits are limited at just 1,000 pieces, each one being priced at $995 while the Qurra Tron suits will be produced in a limited run of just 500 units, with each one costing $899.

So… if you’re a fan of TRON and you also love motorcycles, one of these limited edition TRON motorcycle suits is a must have.



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