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Limited Edition Brabus G65 Scares The Devil Himself

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Brabus G65

There are many things to be said about the crazy people at Brabus, but one thing’s for sure: they are not boring. Neither are their projects, and the latest example follows in the footsteps of the tuned S65 Cabrio and E63 S Saloon.

Based on the incredible Mercedes-AMG G65, this dark and menacing Brabus G65 is the most powerful off-roader the world has ever seen, as it benefits from an astonishing 887hp and 1,500Nm of torque, coming out of a tuned 6.3-liter V12. However, it is worth mentioning that this beast has been limited to 1,200Nm (885lb-ft) to keep the gearbox from exploding.

Don’t worry, this ravishing vehicle will still do 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 3.9 seconds and max out at 270 km/h or 168 mph. Impressed yet?

Brabus G65

Well, if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, you should know that the German tuners will only roll out 10 outrageous vehicles like this, each of them seting you back exactly €666,000 ($779,919). You should be scared by that price tag and this car’s menacing look, but I have to admit that its distinctive widebody kit is somewhat attractive to me; it was designed to be.

Packing enough carbon fiber to get anyone smiling, the exterior look of this Brabus comes finished by a sporty set of 23″ alloys, wrapped around in high performance Yokohama rubber.

The interior of this thing is equally impressive, and for that kind of money, it was meant to be. Exquisite leathers and carbon fiber can be seen anywhere, while two individual seats at the rear, with a center console and a 4.3″ touch panel, special cup holders with heating and cooling functions, and even a built-in safe, will make you want to stay in the back. Enough said!

Brabus G65

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