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Conquer the World with the Impressive SeaXplorer 55

SeaXplorer 55

The innovative minds behind Damen and Amels Yachts have just revealed their latest addition to an already impressive line of vessels. The 55-meter SeaXplorer 55 was meant to go anywhere and conquer almost anything; it will supposedly offer 30 days of complete autonomy, with IMO Polar Code Compliance for adventures in the Arctic and Antarctic.

This stunning explorer yacht will easily find its way anywhere around the world, while offering overwhelming levels of style and comforts. The on board living spaces include a cool observation lounge, an outdoor bow point observation deck, as well as a skylounge, which means that up-close experiences with the surroundings and the local wildlife can be easily enjoyed aboard this vessel.

SeaXplorer 55

There’s also an Expedition Centre, customizable depending on your specific needs, that will take you even further. And speaking of coming and going, the SeaXplorer 55 also features a helideck, suitable for helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of 4,000 kg, that will allow you to travel in style or invite guests to see the levels of exclusivity you are enjoying – if you were the owner of this yacht, that is.

By the way, it is also worth mentioning that up to 12 guests will find comfortable accommodations aboard, with an extensive crew set to cater to their needs. Of course, this new SeaXplorer can also be purchased with full fairing and custom interiors, special expedition equipment and anything else you could ever imagine – if your bank account can handle it.

SeaXplorer 55


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