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Le Grand Queen Gemstone Bathtub sold for $1.74 million

By Adrian Prisca


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The 16th International Jewelry Week has taken place in Dubai, with a premiere happening during the event. Bought for $1.74 million dollars by an unknown buyer, the first healing-stones carved gemstone bathtub in the world was presented – the luxurious Grand Queen bathtub.

Reka Peresa, the Caijou Group’s Sales and Marketing Director declared that the Caijou gemstone bathtub is totally unique and it was crafted out of one of the strongest healing stones in the world. It is said that this specific type of healing stone has stored more than a hundred million years of energy, from both the Universe and Earth, while the ancient Chinese Egyptian and Arab civilizations used to know about the stone’s healing abilities.

It was their first sell in the world, and what a sell…in Dubai! The event features 300 exhibitors from 27 different countries, and is currently taking place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition centre.

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