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Rent this Apartment in Waldorf Astoria for $135k/month

By Adrian Prisca


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You’ve probably been hearing of huge price tags when buying homes or renting suites for periods of time. But this specific one is by far the most expensive to rent, with a fee of $135,000 per month. Its location is one reason for the price, being part of the Waldorf Astoria Tower, on the 50th Street, New York.

It’s easy to realize why the price is so high, due to the top class amenities and impeccable services. All, from the entrance to the bathrooms, is extremely well decorated and stylish. The entry lobby has chandeliers and unique French artwork, creating an extremely relaxing ambience.

The apartment is divided into eight rooms, all of them being decorated in a typical French style. The suite also comprises a living room as well as a dining room that can accommodate 10-12 guests. The pantry and the kitchen are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, creating the perfect spot to cook meals for up to 50 people.

Even the bathrooms are decorated with marble floors, as well as the bedroom and the master suite. The master suite has its own bathroom and a separate space that can be used as boudoir closets, for short-term deposit of accessories and clothing. As expected, the bedroom offers a beautiful view over the city.

Near the kitchen there is a space that could be used as maid’s room, though it’s now used as fitness room. The privacy of the apartment is enhanced by private entrances, security, individual doormen and concierge services. The suite also offers access to the Astoria Lounge and Spa.

The price perhaps is a bit high compared to the small period of time for which it can be rented. Although, there is always someone that wants the best there is, not minding the pockets.

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