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The Hopkins Island near Florida is up for sale

By Adrian Prisca


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Situated near Miami, Florida, US, close to other populated islands and to an international airport, the Hopkins Island is the perfect destination for every marine-sports lover and holiday enthusiast out there. Though it’s a public place, the island offers the feeling of privacy.

Plus, Mother Nature presents the area with Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, a place basking in life, plus loads of beautiful, tropical sandy beaches, allowing everyone to spend some memorable time on. The area needs protection, thus there have been developed some eco-friendly energy-generating means.

There is already installed a solar-panel and a salt-water RO system, capable of fulfill the every-day needs of the residents. Harry Trueman has spent his vacation here, at the close-by Little Palm island resort.

The island is pretty close to Key West and Miami, thus making a few-minutes trip from harbor to harbor is not necessarily a pain – in case the island amenities don’t fulfill your expectations or wishes, and you wish for something way more luxurious and extravagant, or perhaps want to dine in Miami city.

The whole place is surrounded by an aura of privacy that can be felt from the minute one walks in it. The marine reservation houses hundreds of rare species, among which one can observe the pink spoonbills, Key deer or white-crowned pigeons. The residential part of the island is small, located somewhere central, comprising a 2-storey bedroom home-cum-resort, a private landing port and a few roads. It can be reached by helicopter or by boat.

The whole island comes for a price of $17 million, which is not so much if you consider that it comprises a home, beautiful wildlife, superb services and it’s truly a private destination.


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