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Le Gemme Primavera sunglasses from Bulgari

By Adrian Prisca


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In my mind, it’s not the clothing or the large accessories people wear that make them worthy of the “good-looking” collocation. Well, they do play a big role into this, but it’s the collection of small, rather diminutive pieces that make you look elegant, stylish, chic or whatever you wanna call it.

And as the summer is so close to arrive, a pair of sunglasses might prove to be the ace in your sleeve. So, here we have the Le Gemme Primavera sunglasses from Bulgari.

These stylish sunglasses come in two designs – a multi-colored version with all sorts of sapphire flowers garnished in various tones and a mother-of-pearl design with floral themes. Both models are finished in gold.

Definitely bestowing a plus to one’s wow factor, these stylish sunglasses do cost quite much. The mother-of-pearl model can be yours at $7,300, while the multi-colored sapphire version requires a whopping $12,000. They will make you stand out, though!


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