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Kenya’s Amazing Loisaba Retreat Is Wild And Exciting

By Victor Baker


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Kenya’s wilderness and unparalleled beauty are definitely worth exploring, although it may sound difficult or gruesome for some of us. You could do that by camel, river raft or mountain bike, but what happens when you get tired and feel the need to take a break and freshen up?

Well, allow us to suggest falling asleep beneath a canopy of stars at the incredible Loisaba, a luxury retreat in the heart of the Kenyan safari, where amenities beyond your dreams await your presence.

Loisaba will offer guests complete freedom to design their own African adventure, whether they desire to trek through the bush with camels, mountain bike the escarpment, raft the Ewaso Nyiro, ride horses or simply drive through canyons. You will definitely be safe and well cared for and encouraged to roam the 60,000-acre property undisturbed.


The Loisaba House and Loisaba Cottage will definitely astound with their incredible accommodations, private houses with a pool, staff, a car and a dedicated guide. The main lodge’s facilities include a spa and tennis court, with the lodge boasting 7 rooms in a large, thatched house, with a veranda and stunning views of Mount Kenya.

The magical Star Beds here will allow guests to rest comfortably , directly under the dazzling night sky, enjoying a truly unique African experience. Sweet dreams and rest well, because every day is an adventure here.



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