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The Shark Line 46 By Hyperlien Sets New Benchmarks Of Design

By Victor Baker


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Shark Line 46 By Hyperlien

Taiwan’s long experience in crafting ships is well-known around the world, and Hyperlien Yachts Design has recently came up with a beautiful example in the form of the ‘Shark Line 46′. Inspired by sharks and making use of an abstract concept, the vessel looks slim, fast and very, very menacing.

The ‘Shark Line 46′ was meant to represent the shark’s hunting process, killer speed and its scary and mysterious attitude. And using sharp lines, as well and silver and black coloring, this jaw dropping line of yachts will look sharp and bold even when it’s just anchored.

Shark Line 46 By Hyperlien

The Shark Line 46 by Hyperlien is the company’s effort to promote harmony between people and the ocean – given, in an odd way, as a comfortable yachting experience will not make you feel more comfortable while swimming in shark-infested waters.

This graceful and sleek yacht will feature an interesting blend between design aesthetics and advanced functionality and, by using modern construction techniques and modular design, the costs will be apparently kept at a reasonable level – which should make everyone smile.

Powered by either two Caterpillar C7 ACERT engines, developing 455 hp or 2 Caterpillar C9 ACERT, good for around 568 hp, this new vessel line from Hyperlien sounds better by the second.

Shark Line 46 By Hyperlien


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