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Kat Von D’s Gothic Mansion on sale

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The famous star from L.A. Ink, Kat Von D, has recently decided to sell her staggering Gothic-themed Mansion in Los Angeles. She is reportedly looking forward to finding a new place to live alongside her future husband, the famous DeadMau5.

The 1920s Spanish-styled mansion located in the Hollywood Hills is expected to fetch around $2.5 million. It spreads over 4,148 square feet and encompasses four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a half bath, gated entrance, chef’s kitchen and a coquette guest house. The façade is quite interesting as well, having been designed as a castle-like construction. Within the large yard there are also a spa and a fire pit.

The word “mind-boggling” is too weak to express the style of the interiors. The TV Star and metal-music addict Kat Von D has made sure everything shouts tattoos, gothic and mystery. For example, the living rooms has been garnished with red- and purple velvet-upholstered chairs, drippy candles with hardened wax spilling out of the fireplace onto the floor, a dramatic candelabra, miniature replicas of deer on the mantle and creepy paintings all over, with ghastly faces. There are many religious scenes depicted throughout the home as well.

To the records, Kat Von D was previously engaged to the founder of West Coast Choppers, Jesse James, an ex-husband of Sandra Bullock, and had bought the Los Angeles mansion back in 2011 for $2.175 million. She is now planning a one off wedding, with her future husband, DeadMau5, based on an underwater theme. The “furthest thing from traditional”-described wedding will reportedly take place, according to People magazine, on the 10th of August, in Los Angeles, witnessed by 200 friends.

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