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Kanye West’s Limited Edition Nike sneakers sold for $90,000

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the most staggering eBay auctions has ended with mind boggling numbers. We’re talking about the Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneaker line, designed by the famous American rapper Kanye West and manufactured by the aforementioned brand.

They were due to be made available Saturday, the 10th of June, for $245 per pair. Thing is, they have already been bought, on eBay, for – wait for it – $90,300. Of course, the shipping charges had to not be included, due to the already overpriced tag.

The most interesting fact is that although there are a lot of similar pairs currently on eBay, for prices less significant, while all these bidders chose to bid on this pair alone. The ones who took most advantage of the situation are Nike, as an Internet viral is one of the best ways to promote products. And, above all, the sales have taken place 3 days before they are even due to come to market.

Their full name is actually the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Jordan LeBron 9 Galaxy South Beach Elite sneakers. They come styled with anaconda-like leather that covers almost the entire top half of the shoes, along with flickering outsoles, that glow in the dark, and a borderline-pink lining. Among the other materials used to craft these there is the very comfortable and soft nubuck, top notch leathers, ballistic nylon, all atop a tennis-style sole, similar to the Nike Air Tech Challenge II one.

The sneakers are actually limited edition, the $90,300 price having been reached through a total of 84 bids, although similar pairs of shoes have not even reached $1,650 so far. Furthermore, Kanye West has already started working on the next generation of sneakers, the Nike Air Yeezy 3, which will reportedly be made after the shape of his own foot.


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