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JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 headphones

By Brian Pho


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The Abyss AB-1266 headphones have recently caught our eyes with their rugged looks and superb manufacture from exponentially exquisite materials. Signed by JPS Labs, what we have here is not just a headset, but an absolutely exclusive way of enjoying the true tones of good music.

The New York-based electrics workshop has been aiming, during the creation of the AB-1266, to make the “finest instrumentation for musical reproduction”. These aren’t just words, I have to admit, these headphones are indeed of great quality, with the brand consistently watching to match the definition of “highest standards”.

Having been crafted from machined aluminium, these exquisite pieces of gadgetry are solid yet lightweight, with stunningly efficient internal resonance control to minimize distortion and artifacts. They have also been fitted with a specially manufactured transducer, crafted from the in-house manufactured low mass diaphragm with planar magnetic design, to control the high and mid range frequencies.

Furthermore, the Abyss AB-1266 headphones were equipped with low carbon steel front earpad casings, adding to the resonance control and ensuring a fine environment for the audiophile. The leather headband is adjustable, to fit any sort of head sizes out there in complete comfort. As for the technical side of the headset, the boast frequency response which ranges between 5 Hz and 28 kHz, with sensitiveness of 85 dB. They only weigh 660 grams, so they can even be used by girls, though they don’t look like anything for them.

Boasting with premium fabricated lambskin ear pads and a portable amplifier, this special gadget will reportedly be available in stores during late April at a whopping $5,495.


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