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The Corum Coin Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

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Corum Coin Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

For 50 years now, coin collectors from all over the world have had a very prominent watch that they could admire and show off, courtesy of Swiss watchmaker Corum. To celebrate this unique anniversary, the famous watchmaker has introduced the Corum Coin Watch 50th Anniversary model.

Actually, the very first Corum Coin Watch was introduced back in 1964, so you could say the company is a bit late in its celebration, but for this special model Corum has used coins minted in 2014, sorted through and selected as being prime examples, never circulated.

You should know that, other than a hole drilled in them to get the central arbor through, there are no visible modifications to the coin.

Corum Coin Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

Covered by a sapphire crystal, the coin dial will probably remain untouched for a very long time. The Corum Coin Watch 50th anniversary will come with two different cases – a 36 mm case for the gold version and a 43 mm case for the silver one, with the sides of the case featuring a coin edge.

Compared to other timepieces on the market today, when it comes to a themed-watch, this is about the simplest one you could find – but simple is always beautiful. Corum will only make 100 units of each version, with the 22 kt gold model going for $22,400, while the .925 silver costing $12,100.

Corum Coin Watch 50th Anniversary Edition

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