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Peter Bonac Retouches Mobiado’s Smartphones

By Victor Baker


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Mobiado is always designing new amazing products and it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up, to be honest. Their line of extraordinary revelations now includes the Professional 3 ML Stealth and Commando smartphones, featuring a wonderful design courtesy of Peter Bonac and multi-layered Super-Luminova coating.

This means that the phones are more than worthy to be part of any high-end military outfit. The Professional 3 ML Stealth features a design that’s been inspired by the Nighthawk F-117, with the frame of the device machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum which was glass-bead blasted to create the tangible delights of a matte finish and finished off in a MIL-A-8625 Type II black anodized look.

The sapphire crystal plates were hand-painted and boast Super-Luminova lettering. The battery cover houses more than you’d expect to see here, as three rubies adorn the smartphone, while the sides of the phone come with military grip notches.

The Professional 3 ML Commando, on the other hand, comes with a camouflage look that impresses to no end. The body has been designed in the same manner as before, and you should know that both devices come unlocked and operable on any GSM network.

The specs include dual-SIM quad-band GSM support, dual-band 3G coverage, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, microSD memory expansion, a camera, Bluetooth 3.0, email and music playback.

The ML Dogtag, crafted from 2 mm thick solid sapphire, was also inset into a silver anodized aluminum frame and seems to fit the package, don’t you think? The Mobiado Professional 3 ML Commando, with the sapphire dog tag, will set you back $2,240, while the Mobiado 3 ML Stealth with two additional keys will cost $2,340. The ML dog tag alone is available for $175.

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