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Ronaldo Spoils Himself With A €19 Million Gulfstream G200 Jet

By Victor Baker


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Gulfstream G200 Jet

Portuguese newspaper ‘Correo da Manha‘ informed everyone that the famous football player paid €19 million for an incredible private jet just a couple of days ago, a Gulfstream G200 that would take the Real Madrid star anywhere around the world, in a matter of hours.

Cristiano Ronaldo can even take eight to ten of his friends with him, flying high in a luxurious environment.

Gulfstream G200 Jet

The interior of this Gulfstream G200 is all kinds of amazing, even featuring a changing room, a fully equipped kitchen and various high tech gadgets that will allow passengers to keep in touch with the news. Of course, there’s also high speed internet inside and a telephone, just in case Cristiano needs to call someone.

Nothing but the best for the legendary athlete, and I’m sure the skies look far more beautiful aboard his new private jet. Wouldn’t you agree?

Gulfstream G200 Jet

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