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Inden Design’s Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with 623 PS

By Adrian Prisca


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Even though the SLS AMG is one of the most incredible supercars on the market right now, there are still a couple of guys who want it even more refined and that’s why Inden Design came up with their own upgrade package for the Mercedes SLS AMG.

It’s now obvious that tuning specialists have seriously outdone themselves when dealing with the SLS versions, but all these can particularly affect the balance that Mercedes imprinted to the car. Thus, the specialists at Inden have re-worked it in a more modest and smooth way.

They have added 51 HP to the stock 563 HP (and 650 Nm of torque) engine’s power, for a current output of 614 HP, thanks to the remapped ECU system and new sports exhaust with catalytic converters and manifolds. As visual upgrades, they’ve changed the stock wheels with new 10.5×20 ones, covered in 265/30-20 tires at the front and 295/30-20 at the rear.

The car is stunning both stock and tuned, as it is one of our favorite street-vehicles yet.


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