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Hublot Puts It All Into Perspective With Fame vs. Fortune

Hublot Fame vs. Fortune

Fame and fortune go very well together, right? That’s what the brilliant people at Hublot were probably considering as they were designing their next best watch. The renowned Swiss watchmakers have recently joined hands with street artists Hush and Tristan Eaton to reveal the gorgeous limited-edition art timepieces we see here.

Hush represents Fame, symbolizing the West Coast sensibility, while Tristian Eaton represents Fortune, embodying an East Coast mentality, with a special event at Lightbox Studios in New York being a very good way to show off these new exquisite watches and make it all clear to the whole world that fame and fortune are calling.

Hublot Fame vs. Fortune

To represent West Coast “Fame”, Hush has introduced the Spirit of Big Bang West Coast Ceramic Black and White for Hublot. The eye catching timepiece (seen below) shows off a unique case back, decorated with a black-and-white woman’s portrait, as well as a skeletonized dial encased by a white ceramic bezel.

On the other hand, Tristan Eaton’s East Coast “Fortune” influences are pretty obvious once you get a glimpse of the Classic Fusion Bronze watch (pictured above) that features brushed bronze and polished gold-plated appliques. The case back displays a medley of motifs reminiscent of Wall Street and the fortunes that usually accompanies it.

The question, though, is this: which comes first – fame or fortune? And why bother with the question when you’re already able to enjoy the life each of them offers?

Hublot Fame vs. Fortune


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