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How to Live a Life of Luxury on a College Budget

By Noah Miller


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Life of Luxury on a College Budget

College has always been a financial struggle, especially for students who come to school from less than tony backgrounds. The stereotype of the college lifestyle is a diet of ramen noodles in spartan rooms filled with discount industrial furniture.

But recent years have seen a transformation of college life from a campground for impecunious students to a luxury resort full of gourmet food, amenities like gyms and saunas, and posh dorms and apartments.

No matter which end of the college spectrum you land on, there are some easy ways that you can live a life of luxury on even the tightest college budget. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to make college more comfortable.

Don’t Let College Budget Make Your Life Miserable

College Budget

When you have lots of limitations, you don’t feel like you are living a full life. Despite all the student-life related movies, being in college comes with a bunch of limitations and difficulties, and budget is definitely only one of them.

You want to have a good time, you want to experience things, but the limited amount of money might hold you back. In the list below you will find some bulletproof lifehacks about how to deal with it. Choose the most suitable idea for your situation and enjoy your college life at its best from now on!

So how can you live a life of luxury on a college budget? Here are some tips:

Choose Quality Over Quantity.

Quality Bed Sheets

Luxury isn’t synonymous with lots of cheap things and clutter. Instead, luxury is all about having the best. That means that you should devote your limited budget to buying the best quality things you can with the money you have.

For your bedroom for instance, you can always choose a high-quality bedspread and high-thread-count sheets that will give your bed the same feeling as a five-star hotel. You don’t need five different pillows, just buy one good one that will give your head a heavenly rest.

Go In with Friends to Split Costs.

Go In with Friends

Whether it’s renting a luxury apartment or buying designer products, you can get more for less when you split the cost with friends. Many times, products come in larger packages than you could possibly use.

If your group of friends go in together on fancy meals, luxury clothing, or other high-end items, you can experience quality for a fraction of the price. Similarly, splitting a high-end apartment’s rent can make it affordable for students on smaller budgets.

Model your Living Space after Designer Spaces.

Designer Living Space

Look through celebrity Instagram feeds and designer goods’ websites for design inspiration. Look at how they create the feeling of luxury with color, texture, and statement pieces.

Then, try to mimic the same design in your own dorm or apartment through decorating with strategic colors, patterns, and textures to give the feeling of a full, warm, and comfortable space on a budget.

Buy Used Luxury Goods.

Used Luxury Goods

Luxury goods might be desirable, but they aren’t always affordable. Scour consignment shops and thrift stores for used goods that still have that feeling of luxury, but only at a fraction of the price.

Because the best goods are often the first to go, make an adventure of visiting shops when you know they put out their fresh goods. That way you can get first dibs on the best luxury goods at steep discount prices.

Eat Lunch at High-End Restaurants.

Lunch at High-End Restaurants

Dinner at a luxury restaurant is a pricey affair, especially if you order wine with your meal. But there is a less-pricey option to experience the same great taste for less. Many restaurants charge much less for lunch than for dinner, while providing the same high-quality dining experience.

As a student, you have more flexibility to visit restaurants in the middle of the day, when they are less crowded, and take advantage of the lower prices, with the same awesome atmosphere and service.

Look for Online Coupon Deals.

Online Coupon Deals

Sure, a coupon doesn’t scream “luxury”, but any money that you save is money in the bank. Sift through online coupon sites or use a coupon-finding app to help cut costs on products and services.

For events, consider group coupons or cost-sharing arrangements to help offset the costs of luxury experiences.

Clean Your Room.

Clean Your Room

Nothing says luxury like neatness and organization. We might not all have a cleaning staff and a person to organize our living space, but we can take an afternoon to clean, organize, and arrange things. When you clean your living space, it will automatically seem more mature, more comfortable, and more luxurious.

For bonus points, organize your possessions with customized organizing containers, arrange clothes and books by color, and arrange your posters or other artwork in neat grid patterns. The more organized you are, the more luxurious your dorm or apartment will seem.

Enjoy the Luxury of Not Being Stressed in College

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When you use a paper writing service with a team of online essay experts, you become the CEO of You, Inc. and make the smart choice to delegate unpleasant tasks to paid help who can free you to enjoy yourself. Having said all that, are you ready to live a life of luxury on a college budget?

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