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Lotus Triple-Axis Tourbillon Clock by Anton Suhanov

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Anton Suhanov Lotus clock 1

If you’ve never heard of Russian clockmaker Anton Suhanov until today, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. But after seeing his latest project we’re pretty sure his name will be stuck in your head forever. An incredible table clock called Lotus, this timekeeping marvel stands on a long, thin stem, and takes attention to details to completely new levels.

The extraordinary flower-like clock before you packs a unique triple-axis tourbillon that will run for as long as 14 days before it needs to be wound again, all within a lovely sphere, complemented by metallic petals that will open and close slowly in a 12-hour cycle. 

Anton Suhanov Lotus clock 2

Inevitably, such an overwhelming design will cost a ridiculous amount of money – but we don’t consider €45,000 too much, at least not in this case. Sir Suhanov worked his magic on this unique creation and his workshop is the place where it all happens.

Looking beyond the obvious mechanics, such as the world time within the base and the intricate tourbillon, this clock has a design that combines organic lines and wonderful colors in the most beautiful way possible. The resulting sci-fi look is truly mesmerizing.

Anton Suhanov Lotus clock 6

The seven petals, which were made of rhodium-plated brass, actually function as a day and night indicator. Fully open at midday, they will gradually close over the next 12 hours; meanwhile, time is indicated by two rotating discs on the base, while a manually-adjustable cities ring on the circumference of the base adds to the overall appeal of this clock.

Anton Suhanov Lotus clock 3

Anton Suhanov’s Lotus clock has a diameter of 18 cm and weighs in at approximately 4.5 kg. Inside the petals, a large glass sphere houses the aforementioned triple-axis tourbillon that’s made up of three cages. The tourbillon is wound and set via a key that goes into a socket within the base of the clock, and sits on a custom made stand.

Anton Suhanov Lotus clock 4

If you’re wondering how you can tell the time at night, inserts of glow-in-the-dark Super-Luminova will allow this beauty to make its presence obvious in the dark as well. Your bank account will also notice its presence.

Anton Suhanov Lotus clock 5

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