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Mercedes-Benz and N+ Team Up for a Seriously Cool eBike

By Vlad Craciun


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Here’s a new interesting collaboration: Mercedes-Benz and N+ Bikes recently forces to create probably one of the world’s coolest bikes – the stunning EQ Formula E Team eBike. Some of you may be fooled into thinking this is a classic road bicycle with a modern look, but trust us, it’s way more than that!

The fabulous Mercedes-Benz and N+ EQ Formula E Team eBike features a built-in LED top tube display, pedal-assist technology, and Kendra Ks puncture-resistant tires. There is also no wiring or battery in sight, and that’s because they are neatly tucked away inside the seat tube and frame.

Mercedes-Benz Formula E bike 2

Showing off a streamlined design, with the frame’s tubes looking slightly thicker than conventional cycles – for the obvious reasons – the EQ Formula E Team eBike tries to combine aesthetics and performances in the most beautiful way possible.  

This bike brags about an impressive top speed of 20 mph, with a 62-mile range and a 37-pound weight. The bike is powered by a 36-volt 7ah Panasonic battery pack, which is easily removable thanks to a quick-release button. You don’t need to worry too much about charging times either, as a full charge takes just three and a half hours.

Mercedes-Benz Formula E bike 3

Mercedes-Benz remains true to its reputation, with this bike delivering one of the most stable and comfortable rides from all e-Bikes currently on the market – as you might expect from them. Packing hydraulic disc brakes and promising efficiency in both dry & wet conditions, this thing is also way more technical than it leaves showing. 

Mercedes-Benz Formula E bike 6

The Mercedes-Benz Formula E bike is probably one of the most stylish e-bikes we’ve seen lately, and for just $3,200 you’ll be able to ride this beauty around town. Would you go work with this bike?

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