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Honey by Marc Jacobs

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LIt’s spring. Flowers are blooming, the grass gets greener, girls start wearing short skirts and the skies are getting bluer. It’s the perfect time for a new perfume, for the season that’s due to come – summer. Famous perfumer and fashion designer Marc Jacobs has found it appropriate to launch a brand new concoction for the summer – Honey.

The Honey was developed in close collaboration with Annie Buzantian of Firmenich and will reportedly be launched for sale later this year, during July. It boasts notes of fruit punch, mandarin and pear, a gorgeous tone for sweetness lovers. In addition, the multi-layered aspect of this gorgeous scent also sports notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom and golden vanilla.

The fragrance comes in a gorgeous-looking bottle, which converts the original ladybug into a bee theme. The Honey will reportedly be put on market in 30, 50 and 100 ml spray bottles, alongside body lotions and shower gels. The prices for it will range between $50 and $92 for the perfumes, the fresh shower gel will cost $40, while the body lotion will bear the price tag of $45. The Honey will make it to worldwide stores in September, before Marc Jacobs’ color cosmetics collection with Sephora.


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