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Hive View by Yves Behár is One Stylish Indoor Camera

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Hive View by Yves Behár

Smart homes are no longer a thing of the future, with more and more people being able to control lights, sound, heating, window blinds and many other things in their homes with just the touch of a button on their cool new smart device. But what about security cameras? We might have an answer for you today.

The Hive View by Yves Behár aims to blend in with this state of the art environment, while adding a sense of security to any homeowner. This stylish indoor camera fits naturally into any luxurious home, featuring a standout grab and go feature that might prove to be very useful in some situations – feel free to think about that and find them by yourselves.

Hive View by Yves Behár

Showing off a compact and very elegant design, the Hive View camera will easily provide you with the best possible view, thanks to a choice of wall, shelf or magnetic mount. Able to rotate, flex and deliver a wide 130º field of view, this cool camera also packs HD live-streaming, person detection and camera history.

It will be available in a black and brushed copper version, or white and champagne gold, and it’s made of PCABS plastic and uniquely formed out of a single molding. This camera can be easily activated by movement, which will get it to record and send a notification if it detected something.

Your life would definitely benefit from this gadget’s presence in your home. What else would you add to your home to make it feel even more comfortable?

Hive View by Yves Behár

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