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Hermèssence Welcomes Three New Seductive Additions


Hermèssence perfumery has been joined by three new scents, inspired by the Orient and the opposites of the desert – life and death, warm and cold – a world away from Paris and the home of French high-fashion brand Hermès.

The renowned perfumer Christine Nagel is responsible for these new exquisite scents, which also represent the company’s first foray into fragrance oils. The original Hermèssence collection was created six years ago by Jean-Claude Ellena and comprised rare and unexpected notes, which is why it is difficult and almost impossible to come up with the next best aroma.


Wrapped up in musky leather and lively floral notes, and boasting with elegance, the new line is ready to seduce anyone that comes even close to these scents. You may remember that Nagel took over and immediately introduced the darkly sensual Galop by Hermès and the wonderful Twilly, but these perfumes are totally different.

Each of the three new additions comes accompanied by an evocative ‘Hermès haiku’. Cardamusc, which is priced at $375, was designed to blend cedar with sweet jasmine to create an almost silky-like fragrance. Musc Pallida, which also costs $375, was envisioned as a delicate creation, with hearty musk and sweet iris working together to support orris notes and their almost golden vibe.

Last, but not least interesting, Agar Ėbène will cost you $279, and help you create a mysterious entrance. Profound and natural, like cashmere on the skin, this fragrance will most likely have everyone asking for more.



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