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Hammacher Schlemmer Present the Cool New Sidewinding Circular Skates

By Brody Patterson


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Hammacher Schlemmer is known for creating all sort of cool toys, like the Helicycle or the Rotating Air Hockey To Billiards Table we’ve showcased in the past. Now it’s time to present this awesome set of Sidewinding Circular Skates, which provide a similar experience to skateboarding, but without having to push yourself against the ground to propel yourself forward.

All the rider has to do is place their feet on the two platforms and start moving! Since the two wheels aren’t connected, users can easily perform all sorts of tricks they couldn’t with a regular skateboard, while the two 10-inch rubber wheels can even go over short grass and dirt surfaces. Before you fully get the hang of things, there’s an extendable rod which can be connected to both wheels and give you an extra bit of stability.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Sidewinding Circular Skates are available for $99.95 on the company’s website.


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