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Guide on Hoodies – What are the Benefits, When to Wear and How to Wear

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First things first, hoodies are warm garments with long sleeves and a hood at the back. They’re very popular among young people, but even adults should have at least one hoodie in their closets. Wearing it can make you look very cool, just like one of those people who are following closely the latest streetwear fashion trends.

That’s why the world’s most popular clothing retailers went big on hoodies lately. But even though there’s an abundance of websites out there from where you can find thousands of different styles of hoodies, there are still relatively new players to the game, like brand Ripndip, a small skate crew from Florida who managed to rock this scene with their eye catching designs in only a few years.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Hoodies?

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Firstly, a hoodie can act as a sweater to keep you warm. That’s because it has long sleeves and the fabric that it’s used for them is like the type of material that is used to make clothes for the cold season. The degree of warmth it can provide depends on the thickness of the fabric and the material type that’s used to make the hoodie. Usually, you can know it by feeling the material with your hands.

The hood at the back can also protect you from rain and snowfall. But don’t count too much on it because it’s made from the same fabric and it’s going to get wet pretty fast if it’s raining heavily. The hood has a drawstring for tightening or loosening up as much as you want.

But let’s not forget hoodies can make you look more stylish. People who are inspired by street fashion love to wear hoodies wherever they go; it is probably like a t-shirt to them. Add in a nice cap and a pair of fancy sunglasses, with the hood over your head, and you’ll surely turn a lot of heads on the streets.

If you are wondering why hoodies are so comfortable, it probably has a lot to do with the soft material that they’re made from. The fabric is designed to feel almost like a soft blanket. That’s why people get such a big sense of comfort when they’re wearing hoodies.

What Are Bamboo Hoodies And Their Benefits?

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There are many brands of comfortable hoodies available nowadays. For instance, you can now pick up a men Bamboo hoodie that’s made from durable and comfortable bamboo fabric. So, what are the benefits of wearing hoodies in innovative materials? 

Wearing bamboo and other alternative hoodie styles have great benefits because of their excellent absorbent and antibacterial qualities, such as the following: 

  • Prevent Soaking With Sweat And Body Odor: Unlike synthetic hoodies that will easily make you feel sweaty, bamboo and similar innovative fabrics feature great absorbing qualities that provide comfortable warmth without soaking you in perspiration. Bamboo hoodies can make you feel good while keeping unwanted body odor under control. 
  • Prevent Allergies: If you suffer from eczema or skin sensitivity, it’s important to wear clothes that are hypoallergenic to avoid itchiness or irritation. Bamboo hoodies are gentle on the skin, highly breathable, and naturally hypoallergenic, thus keeping your skin free from the signs and symptoms of allergic flareups.
  • Keep You Comfortably Warm: Bamboo and other innovate fabric regulates body temperatures properly. Hence, these hoodies will effectively help keep you warm and comfortable during the cold months.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because bamboo is a fast-growing plant, organic bamboo is perfect for making clothes like hoodies sustainably. If you’re looking for new and innovative hoodies to add to your collection, considering bamboo hoodies, which will help you preserve the environment at the same time.

When to Wear Hoodie

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Hoodies are the perfect pieces to wear when it’s cold outside. To keep you warm, you should choose hoodies that are made with a high percentage of cotton. The thicker the cotton hoodie, the warmer you will feel and you’ll have to wear less things underneath.

Hoodies are also a good thing to wear at an occasion that’s in between formal and casual. For example, when you want to meet up with your friends or family, or you want to meet with your business partners who are very close to you as well. When you wear a hoodie for a formal occasion, there’s no need to wear collared shirts below. Shirts that don’t have collars (like t-shirts) are best pieces to wear under hoodies.

Next up, the hoodie is also perfect for those lazy moments, when you just want to chill out. After returning home from work and taking a shower, you can pull over a light hoodie and go for a walk in the park to chill out. Wanna watch your favorite TV series? Just take your favorite hoodies and press play.

How to Wear a Hoodie

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You can wear hoodies with so many different pieces, like jeans, a denim or leather jacket. To look appropriate, the jacket shouldn’t be longer than the hoodie. For example, a grey hoodie with a navy denim jacket looks great for streetwear fashion. You can also create an eye catching look when you’re wearing a hoodie with a puffy bomber jacket. In the rainy season, you can wear a pea coat over your hoodie.

Running with a hoodie? Of course you can! Wear it with a tracksuit, or with a sports jacket. If you’re planning to wear something over it, the thinner hoodie is the best. Thicker hoodies are more appropriate for the cold season.

You can easily match your favorite hoodie with a pair of denim jeans. Blue and black jeans are commonly worn with hoodies. If you are wearing a white hoodie, you can even wear it with white jeans. You can wear hoodies with other types of pants like leggings, joggers and knit pants.

But you know what looks incredible with hoodies? The right pair of sneakers. A cool pair of sneakers with a colorful look or an eye popping design can easily make the difference between a casual hoodie outfit or a fashionable look. The possibilities are endless.

Some people even love to wear scarves with hoodies, as if they were non-collared t-shirts. Solid colored and scarves with interesting patterns are recommended for accessorizing hoodies. Wearing watches and sunglasses can also add a flash to your appearance.

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