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6 Simple Yet Meaningful Ideas to Make Your Home More Beautiful

Luxury Home Makeover

After a hard day at work and a tiresome commute, your home is the best getaway – that safe, comforting place where you can just unwind, relax and have some much deserved “me time”. Your home must feel like your own sanctuary and even if it’s not like that right now, you don’t need to do something extraordinary to make sure it’s comfortable and fit for all your needs.

If you’ve ever watched one of those popular home make-over shows you have probably seen hyperactive designers transforming a house in just a couple of hours, while the “unsuspecting” home owner is out and about. It’s true that most of the action in those shows is staged, but the thing is that you could also complete a dreamy home makeover in just a few hours, by following a few simple steps.

We’re not promising you could turn your two bedroom apartment into a seafront mansion, but these simple ideas could help you bring more beauty into your house.

1. De-Clutter

De Clutter

First things first, de-clutter. This step can be very exhausting, but trust us, it’s totally worth it. Pick a room to start on, get some rubber gloves and some big bin bags and start poking into every hole you’d forgotten about, delve into every single cupboard and jump right into the depths of all your clutter. It might be hard to let it all go, but it’s probably the best thing you’ve done lately.

If you haven’t used something in these last two or three years, chances are its rubbish and it must go away. You can recycle any items you don’t need, donate them to other people or charities, and you could even try to make a few bucks out of your old stuff by selling it online. Just don’t keep them around your home.

2. Add More Plants

Add some plants

What do all of the most inviting homes have in common? Plants, lots of them! That’s because indoor plants, and greenery in general, can make your home feel brighter, more lively and simply.. gorgeous. Greenery also makes us feel happier, calmer, more productive and more relaxed and it’s scientifically proven that the color green is soothing to the eyes.

You can add natural plants to any room to make the environment more peaceful and breathable and even artificial plants could do the trick. Of course, natural plants are always better, but you have to keep them alive and healthy – that might be a hard take to some people. Make sure you get shade-loving plants because they’re easier to maintain and don’t require so much sunlight.

3. Love Your Ambiance

luxury bedroom idea

When you’re leaving home for work it’s easy to fling the duvet over your bed and just open the blinds. But if you treat your bedroom like a haven of tranquility, it will feel like an inviting paradise when you get back home, the perfect spot to unwind after a hard day. Buy a few lush cushions, comfy pillows of all sizes and a luxurious throw for your bed.

Invest in a new set of blackout blinds and place candles generously around the room for a dreamy ambiance. If you’re in a relationship right now frame some photos with your significant other and a few items that symbolize your love. Next time when you leave the room in the morning spray some room perfume and you’ll get an uplifting vibe when you feel your favorite scent the minute you get back home.

4. Add Statement Lights

modern lighting

When you’re redecorating your home, always change the lights. You can’t imagine what a difference it makes! The right kind of lights can make your home appear more beautiful in less than a few seconds. For instance, if you want to add a deluxe touch to your bedroom or living room, a crystal chandelier can easily change the entire atmosphere – It’s the first and last thing you’ll ever need.

If you love minimalist decors and you want to keep it simple, you can choose some contemporary ceiling lights or modern LED lamps that could change shades according to your mood. In your bedroom, a pair of chic table lamps on the bedside tables can act like the finishing touch to your room.

The thing with lamps is that you don’t even need to buy something new. You can easily spray an old metal lamp with a gold metallic paint and you’ll add a touch of royalty to your home. If you feel creative, you can add rhinestones to the lamp’s base and you might have the trendiest table lamp out there!

5. Invest in Bespoke Furniture Pieces

Pastel Pink Tufted Sofa Bed

When you’re planning your next home decor upgrade, you’re probably thinking about changing the furniture too. Instead of replacing everything at once, you should buy only one or two trendy furniture pieces and then, in the future, you can always invest in more.

Just try to look for a few statement furniture pieces that never go out of style: a curvy velvet couch, an ottoman, marble side tables and many other items that could be the focal points in any room. “Less is more” when it comes to furniture, so a few statement pieces are way better than overloading your entire home with furniture.

6. Make Your Walls Pop

wall decor

Last but not least, make sure the walls in your home pop. You can decorate the walls with family pictures arranged in creative ways: like hanging them from a string of lights to get a dreamy effect or framing them in numerous creative ways. If you hang photos on every alternate wall you could double on the effect and if you’re an art lover, a nice painting will be even better.

You don’t even need to go for an expensive artwork, a cool sketch, some abstract art or a print or your favorite painting can do wonders, especially when it’s complemented by an interesting frame.

If you follow all these simple steps you could easily transform your house into that beautiful, relaxing place you’ve always dreamed about. Just remember that your home should be like a safe haven, an inviting place where you could relax and recharge your batteries at the end of the day. Invite some friends over, listen to music, watch your favorite TV show and just enjoy your own space.


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