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Graff Diamond mixed the Elements with Precious Jewels

By Victor Baker


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Graff Diamonds Fall 2015

London-based Graff Diamonds has just unveiled its fall 2015 advertising campaign, featuring some of its finest gems and the beautiful Emily DiDonato showing them off. With four incredible images and looks themed around the elements of life, Emily’s beauty is perfectly complemented by the brand’s rare diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

Yellow diamonds – the specialty of the house of Graff – were chosen to represent the elegance of the air for example. The Gemini Yellows, a blissful pair of 55.74ct and 51.29ct flawless emerald cut diamond earrings and a fancy 90.14ct yellow cushion cut diamond ring portray the lightness of the ether.

Graff Diamonds Fall 2015

Exceptional Colombian emeralds found in a diamond ring, necklace, earrings and bracelet resemble the earth and its rare and captivating appeal, while rubies and diamonds were selected to emphasize the igniting power of fire, as they were mixed to create the perfect necklace inlaid with 44,24cts diamond and 162,33 cts rubies.

Graff Diamonds Fall 2015

The element of water has magnetic properties, which is why white diamonds were the only possible choice. The mesmerizing 142,06 cts shine in a luxurious diamond necklace that’s complemented by a pair of earrings featuring 18.18ct and 18.15ct D flawless pear shape diamond drops and a diamond ring. Obviously, for the gorgeous Emily DiDonato to be part of the campaign is no small feat.

Graff Diamonds Fall 2015


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